The work shifts between the zones of abstraction and narrative by applying the language of romantic landscape painting. Suffused with the play of color, light and space, the paintings act as gateways into the psychology of visualizing a mood.  Fissures create entry points of immersion into color passages that make you both viewer and inhabitant. The compositions evoke the familiar in their classic references; a field, a cave, a waterfall, but the focus —the way that the paint slips around the edges of discernibility —makes them undefined and thus potent with meaning. Color is not just color in these works but the sources of light. Here they are not radiating points but are slashes and dimming horizons. They are tenuous and fleeting, possessing the potential for growing light or devouring darkness. These paintings are temporal impressions of time spent in a landscape; a cinematic view with edits with space vacillating between close ups and long shots. The paintings explore the depth between darkness and the light, the conscious and subconscious, surface and material.

Jane Swavely lives and works in New York. She studied at Boston University and the School of Visual Arts and was the recipient of a Ford Foundation Fellowship. She was chosen by Brice Marden to be a part of Artists Choose Artists, an exhibition curated by Jack Flam at CDS Gallery in New York. She went on to be represented by the gallery until 2005. Her work is in public and private collections including Chase Bank and the Allentown Art Museum. She has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and abroad.